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● The official website of David Bowie: Bowienet recently released David Bowie and Rob Pongi in Tokyo, Japan(04-06-09)

Chicago Barn to Wire - Thoroughbred and harness horse racing in Illinois

We don't need no stinkin' TV! This is the new Millennium. If I want drunk crazies, I just go to Japanese TV on the internets. (careful at work)

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Rob Pongi!!

Posted by Moon (05-09-08)

'Rock Show' Live Performance Video by The Blast was selected as "Featured Work of the Week" on Bowienet(03-18-08)

The Blast is Mark Chubak (bass, backup vocals), Damian Lee (lead guitar), Jan Schiffman (drums), and Mike Klug (lead vocals) Please visit the official website of The Blast for more information about one of Tokyo's very best foreign rock bands.

Motion Graphics Video was selected as "Multimedia Feature of the Week" on Bowienet (02-05-08)

Intute Arts and Humanities: New Year in Japan

"There are many traditions associated with the New Year - seeing the first sunrise from a mountain or beach is one, but the first visit of the year to a Shinto shrine and/or Buddhist temple (hatsumōde) is the most important. My most memorable New Year ever was spent with friends and thousands of others on a cold clear night in Nara, one of the ancient capitals of Japan: shuffling slowly along stone slabbed and stepped pathways lit by stone lanterns; listening for the temples tolling their bells 108 times (joya no kane) to purge the listeners of the 108 human sins; gasping at the sight of the serene face of the 15m high Great Buddha through specially openend shutters of the great hall of the Tōdaiji temple complex. Here’s a short video of visits to several shrines and temples in Tokyo at New Year..."

"Intute has catalogued some excellent academic resources on Shinto and Buddhism in Japan, including one website with around a thousand images of Buddhist and Shinto statues, stone lanterns, rock gardens and other aspects of Japanese shrines and temples."

By Tessa Carroll (01-02-08)

About Intute: Arts and Humanities

What is Intute: Arts and Humanities?

"Artifact and Humbul, two of the hubs of the Resource Discovery Network (RDN), have been integrated to create Intute: Arts and Humanities, a subject group of Intute. In combining the resources and services of these hubs, the Arts and Humanities service of Intute offers an easy-to-use and powerful tool for discovering the best Internet resources for education and research in Creative Arts and Humanities. Intute: Arts and Humanities is featured on the AHRC ICT Map.

Staff are based in the University of Oxford, Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of the Arts London. The group is led by the Research Technologies Service at Oxford University Computing Services.

Support is provided by these institutions with funding from the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) and the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC)."

● Rob Pongi was featured on MetaFilter: robpongi | MetaFilter:(11-14-07)

● The Japan Fertility Festival Video featuring Rob Pongi from TokyoDV was selected as "Multimedia Feature of the Week" on (Discovered 10-30-07)

Partly Cloudy by Rob Pongi was selected as "Nomad of The Week" on Bowienet (Discovered 10-30-07)

● The Japanese Bon Odori Dance Video 2007 #2 was selected as "Multimedia Feature of the Week" (Discovered 08-28-07) This is the 19th time one of Rob Pongi's videos has been featured by David Bowie's official website.

KINKAKU-JI - The Golden Pavilion Video is featured as the editor's pick for Japan on Travercial | A World of Dreams Through Streaming Travel Videos (Discovered 08-28-07)

Dance traditionnelle : le Bon Odori - Japan Swap (2007-08-10)

J'ai commencé à faire quelques recherches, et je suis tombée sur une petite vidéo assez charmante... Je vous laisse juger :

japanese bon odori video 2007

● The Japanese Bon Odori Dance Video 2007 was selected as "Multimedia Feature of the Week" on Bowienet(2007-08-06). This is the 18th time one of Rob Pongi's videos has been featured by David Bowie's official website.

● Asia Entertainment Online TV Videos was recently awarded admission into the very highly respected and highly selective Excellent Guide - Internet Largest List of Credible Websites in the Asia Resouces category.

Kyoto, Japan: The Golden Pavilion Temple - 日本Japan - 亚洲 Asia - 旅游视频网 ‐LvyouTV |旅游视频|景点|酒店|美食|购物|酒吧|娱乐|旅游指南|旅游TV - Powered by Discuz!

(Discovered 05-25-07)


Rob Pongi Featured by Revver in Hollywood! (04-23-07)

Located on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, Revver is one of the first video-sharing websites to monetize user-generated content through advertising. Revver's system is often compared to Google's Adwords, but for video rather than websites. And with this recent development Rob Pongi will be sharing the spotlight with other world-famous internet superstars including AskANinja, lonelygirl15, Blendtec and other very creative and highly entertaining online shows now featured on Revver.

● Rob Pongi was recently admitted into the Tribe Hollywood Entertainment Industry Network (04-20-07):

About Tribe Hollywood... "Tribe Hollywood was founded by NYU Film School Grads as their way of networking in the entertainment industry. The site has rapidly grown to include professionals and students from all areas of the industry. Non-NYUers are welcome. The tall, purple "L"s in the logo symbolize NYU Grads and their professional contacts standing out in Hollywood. Every new member is human-checked to ensure that he or she qualifies for the site."

DVblog 'Ting Ting - Piano Sonata by Mozart'
18th April 2007
arts | video | documentary arts | performance | music video - admin

Ting Ting plays “Piano Sonata No. 11 in A Major” Third Movement

by Mozart at the Kichijoji Music Festival.

Dohiyi Mir: Firewall Fairy Is A Nappy Ho (04-15-07)

And regarding this...

the world would be much better if we killed all the people who wear funny hats

What about Rob Pongi and that guy from 30 Rock? I would not want to know a world w/out those two guys.

Posted by: Joseph Hill

Tokyo Spring Music Video was selected as "Multimedia Feature of the Week" on (2007-04-08). This is the 17th time one of Rob Pongi's videos has been featured by David Bowie's official website.

Best 3D Videos - War Birds Of Prey (Discovered 03-30-07)

Ventana externa

Produced by Rob Pongi and Tokyo Joe. Copyright (2003) by Rob Pongi/Tokyo Joe.

Posted by eugene

Technology Videos - Shibuya Rave Party Video (Discovered 03-30-07)

Ventana externa

Completely Filmed and edited by Rob Pongi, Summer 2001.

Posted by eugene

NEWS UPDATE: 'Rob Pongi's First Hollywood Movie' is currently ranked as one of the top videos on the very extremely popular entertainment site: (03-18-07)

NEWS UPDATE: Takt & ton: Monkey business reported that Japan Best Hit TVfeaturing Rob Pongi and other Japanese TV luminaries, was aired on prime-time, nationwide television on TV8 in Sweden on March 15, 2007


Video of the Day: Never say "Never" - Always say "Revver"

Posted by unclealex
Tuesday March 13th 2007, 11:47 am
Filed under: Video of the Day

"Rob Pongi, the larger-than-life personality behind Asia Entertainment Online, has just produced his first self-proclaimed “Hollywood” movie about a certain Hollywood-based video site. Yes, that’s right folks, Pongi has taken an age-old maxim and revverized it with a little help from Revver’s own Alex Asselin, who caught up with Rob while on a recent trip to Japan."

"Asia Entertainment Online features a plethora of hilarious and fascinating videos that offer a glimpse onto Asian cultures through the eyes of a crazy Western expat (Pongi!), and is included in the highly selective" Best of the Web directory".

Voorkeur » Moshi-moshi

Internet Voorkeur


maandag 12 maart 2007


"In 2000 begon hij het nachtleven in het uitgangsdistrict Roppongi in Tokio te filmen. Inmiddels staan ruim 200 video’s, 3D-animaties en foto’s, gemaakt door Pongi zelf of door Japanse filmmakers, op internet. De filmpjes gaan al lang niet meer alleen over stappen in de Japanse hoofdstad en in plaats van pure documentaires maakt de videokunstenaar ook satirische spotjes met daarin fictieve elementen."


NEWS UPDATE: Asia Entertainment Online Videos was recently awarded admission into the the highly esteeemed ScreenSite directory in the production/showcases category. ScreenSite is an internet film,TV, and new media resource site founded in 1994 and maintained by Professor Jeremy Butler of The University of Alabama's Department of Telecommunication and Film. (Discovered - 02-19-07)

"ScreenSite is dedicated to facilitating the study of film and TV. Stressing the teaching and research of film and television, it is designed for educators and students. ScreenSite is also available in Spanish, French, Dutch, and Swedish versions. The site contains four main sections; Education, Research, Film/TV Production, and Miscellanea, as well as a separate interaction section with an e-mail discussion group, a chat room and a usenet style discussion area." - The Internet Public Library.

"ScreenSite emerged from a desire to provide access to film and television resources through the World Wide Web. Its primary purpose is to facilitate the study of film/TV. As opposed to some Web sites that take more of a fan's approach to the media, ScreenSite stresses the teaching and research of film and television and is designed for educators and students." The McGraw-Hill Companies College Division - ART GALLERY

News on Japan - Gets 'More Happy'!

Gets 'More Happy'!

Pepsi Gets ‘More Happy’

Pepsi gets Pongied.

The Rob Pongi drawing at the top is thanks to

Posted by Taro in General, Business News

Tokyo Street Shows Video #1 was selected as "Multimedia Feature of the Week" AND "Featured Work of the Week" on Bowienet (2007-01-19). This is the 16th time one of Rob Pongi's videos has been featured by David Bowie's official website.

Tokyo Street Shows Video #1 was selected as one of the Best Travel Videos on the Web by Internet Video Magazine (01-20-07) - Asia Entertainment Online was recently published in Stanford University's Stanford Japan Guide in the News & Media > Unusual Light-Hearted or Fun category (Discovered 01-13-07):


The J Guide: "Stanford Guide to Japan Information Resources is a topically arranged directory of online information resources in and about Japan, with focus on resources about Japan in the English language. The J Guide is an ongoing project of the US-Asia Technology Management Center (USATMC), School of Engineering, Stanford University. The J Guide project was initiated with funding through grants in the US-Japan Industry and Technology Management Training Program (JITMT), administered by the US Air Force Office of Scientific Research. Since our completion of those grants, J Guide has received support through gifts to the USATMC from US and Japanese corporate sponsors."


● Asia Entertainment Online Videos was recently awarded admission into the very powerful and highly esteemedV7N Web Directory in the Arts/Movies category (01-11-07)

● Asia Entertainment Online Videos was recently awarded admission into the very esteemed Starting Point Directory in the Internet Video category (01-01-07):

About Starting Point - "Our mission at is to help people find what they're looking for quickly. We hope to achieve this goal by building a human-edited directory with quality results."

● Asia Entertainment Online by Rob Pongi was recently awarded admission was recently awarded admission into the highly selective Su-Jine Japanese directory in the Internet Broadcasts/Entertainment category (12-17-06)

Tokyo Dome Beer Girls was selected as "Multimedia Feature of the Week" AND "Featured Work of the Week" on Bowienet (2006-10-28). This is the 15th time one of Rob Pongi's videos has been featured by David Bowie's official website.

● Asia Entertainment Online was recently awarded admission into the highly selective Gimpsy Directory in the Watch > Video category

● Asia Entertainment Online was recently awarded admission into the Japanese Directory in the Entertainers & Personalities section. (10-17-06)

● Asia Entertainment Online was recently awarded admission into the well-known AbiLogic Directory in the Reginal/Asia/Japan/Entertainment category with a four-star ranking. (10-13-06)

What is AbiLogic?: "AbiLogic is a Business Web Directory of quality family-friendly and spam-free sites organized by subject. Offering free and paid listings."

Revver blog: Congrats Rob Pongi & Asia Entertainment Online!

Posted by unclealex - Friday October 06th 2006

Rob Pongi and Asia Entertainment Online were recently added to the highly selective Best of the Web directory. Pongi aims to promote cross-cultural awareness through short videos that provide incredibly entertaining glimpses into Asian cultures, and we're glad he's being recognized for his great work!

● A 3D character of Rob Pongi modelled by Artist Rob James at Robot Jam Design (10-03-06)

rob pongi by rob james

● Rob Pongi: Asia Entertainment Online was recently awarded admission into the internet's oldest directory:Best of the Web in the Regional: Asia: Arts and Entertainment category. This highly esteemed directory was founded in 1994 and is committed to catalogue the best web sites on the internet. (2006-09-27)

Japan: Still Crazy After All These Years

"think i'm switching over to rob pongi. the fun never stops there."
Posted by: alin at August 25, 2006 01:07 AM

"think i'm switching over to rob pongi. the fun never stops there."

"The cleverness starts with the name and NEVER ENDS."
Posted by: marxy at August 25, 2006 01:42 AM

● Asia Entertainment Online and Rob Pongi's Blog were recently listed in the Americola - Celebrity Pop Culturedirectory. (2006-08-23)

● Rob Pongi was recently awarded admission into The Celebrity Zone in the Comedians section. (2006-08-18)

● Asia Entertainment Online was recently awarded admission into The Comedy Zone in the Audio and Video Clips section. (2006-08-22)

● Rob Pongi was recently awarded admission into The Celebrity Cafe in the Celebrites/Misc. section. (2006-08-14)

Internet Video Magazine - Travel video, travel web sites (2006-08-06)

tokyo domeThis is a video tribute to the hard-working and very beautiful Tokyo Dome Beer Girls Cameras: Rob Pongi and Mr. Sparkle. Audio by Pietro Mascagni from "Cavalleria Rusticana" Produced and edited by Rob Pongi. Copyright (2006) by Rob Pongi

"Rob Pongi" by Artist Rob James at Robot Jam Design was selected as "Featured Drawing of The Week" onBowienet: (2006-08-04).

● Asia Entertainment Online Videos received Site Sift Web Directory Admission. (2006-08-02)

About RobPongi: Testimonial (2006-07-29)

"RobPongi never has a bad thing to say to or about anyone and is always quick to offer enouragement and advice and is a real treasure to have as a friend. I'm glad to know him."

Posted by little_hobbit_feet

About RobPongi: Testimonial (2006-07-28)

"You cannot simply put into words how great this man is."

"Legend, Genius, terminological inexactitude, banana oil, fish story, hooey,allegory, rubric, cipher."

"Those are some words I found under Legend in a thesaurus and the ones which best describe him. I now think of him as my American (with a capital "A") Japanese dwelling hat wearing brother."

Posted by RobotJAM

● Rob Pongi was recently awarded admission into - Your link to the celebrities (2006-07-13)


" provides links to celebrity sites. These links are frequently checked to keep the number of dead links to a minimum."

"Besides offering links, provides a weekly updated top 30, containing the most popular celebrities, birthdays, which allows you so see with which celebrity you share your birthday, and a celebrity shop where you can buy CDs, DVDs, and posters."

" is created by NetVision, a company that has extensive experience in creating celebrity related websites."

● Asia Entertainment Online received admission from the WOW Directory Admission (2006-07-12)

● Rob Pongi was recently awarded admission into the Star Seeker directory in the General Televison Sites section. (Notified on June 27, 2006)

● Rob Pongi recently received a notable mention from for the Kim Jong Il Video
(Discovered on June 26, 2006)

PinkyToe's Reviews (2006-06-19)

Asia Entertainment Online


Asian bluegrass? Got it.
Proof that Kim Jong Il is god? Done.
Kids so talented they must be robots? Yep.

All this and more at Rob Pongi's site. Prepare to be stunned by the talent, surprised by our similarities, and frightened by the propaganda.

Posted by PinkyToe

● Asia Entertainment Online was admitted into the Uncover The Net Directory (2006-06-18)

● Asia Entertainment Online: Joe Ant Directory Admission (2006-06-17)

Asia Entertainment Online was recently awarded admission into the highly regarded Joe Ant directory in theEntertainment>Movies>Multimedia section.

● Rob Pongi was awarded admission into The Celebrity Exchange Directory in the Male Celebrities: R section on June 16, 2006 (Notified on June 19, 2006)

Where are my socks? (2006-06-03)

Above: Rob Pongi should be made Emperor. Watch the video here.

Posted by peemil

brog: some things that don't suck (2006-05-06)

lately I noticed I posted some things that really suck, but since today is saturday, I decided to freshen up with some things that don't suck. that's the idea, right?

rob pongi. is one of the coolest guys in tokyo.

Posted by Judge Rage

Popol's Web Log (2006-05-04)

Website van de week

Deze week zetten we ROB PONGI in het zonnetje.

Op deze website vind je een massa filmpjes en foto's,
allemaal uit oost-Azië. De meest intrigerende clipjes
zijn deze uit NOORD-KOREA.
Hersenspoelen via de TV: het kan.
En het gebeurt in Noord-Korea heel de tijd...

Internet Video Magazine - Worlds Best Video Web Sites (2006-05-03)


Every week, we search out the best video and streaming media oriented web sites. Some are well funded giant conglomerates and some are simple personal and/or small business sites with just one or two videos. Either way, they are worth visiting and checking out their offerings.

This week's best sites include:

Looking for a slightly weird web site? Check out Rob Pongi and his Japan site. This is the original video blog. Don't worry, its in English - or mostly.


Rob Pongi receives admission into the presigious Blogger Directory (2006-04-17)

"Did you notice? Your blog is now an Answer!"

Dear Rob Pongi,

Your blog has become an Answer on the Blogger Directory. We are proud to provide information about quality bloggers and their blogs on our reference pages. I know that as a blogger, you are constantly seeking to increase your pages'readership. Being listed on a top reference site should help boost your efforts.

Now that your blog is a part of, I want to share our free web tools with you. Designed specifically to enhance your blog entries with over 100 reference sources on over a million topics, will give your readers additional content and resources. Even Google uses to define words on their pages.

By the way, I hope you check out for yourself; no matter what your blogging about, will have relevant, up-to-date information on news, entertainment, health, politics, education, and more.

Feel free to write me with your comments and ideas; I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Get the Answers.

Tokyo Rave was selected as "Multimedia Feature of the Week" on (2006-04-05). This is the 14th time one of Rob Pongi's videos has been featured by David Bowie's official website.

Winters Freuden (2006-03-16) Es ist kalt und nass und der blöde Hausmeister hat uns das Heißwasser abgedreht. Es wird Zeit, dass es Sommer wird. Aber irgendwie… ach, Winter kann doch auch sooooo schönsein ~(^_^)~. - by Asha >> Wicked Cool (2006-03-11) Used to love this guy, then forgot all about his site. Then remembered it. Here is the quintissential definition of art:

The Making of "Conversations With Sea and Sand"

Filed under: Uncategorized by Adam

dinapolice: Ha! Awesome good (2006-03-01)

Whoa! This website is awesome: Rob Pongi Video List

Posted by dinapolice

Orwell TV : watching FOR you (2006-02-17)

Rob Pongi
Video Link: Watch It Now!
Genre: Comedy
Language: English
Description: Rob Pongi: Crazy Westerner stalks the Japanese streets.
Viewing Options: Online & Downloads
First reviewed on 17 Feb, 2006 by orwelltv
Popular tags: japan, travel


Named after Roppongi, the well known part of Tokyo famous for sleazy bars, dozens of strip clubs, and crowds of drunken "gaijin" (foreigners), Rob Pongi is what you get when you cross Krusty The Clown with the streets of Tokyo. Because Rob speaks fluent Japanese, he's able to delve just a bit deeper into the wilder side of Japan than most Westerners. Here you'll find packed parties, japanese burlesque shows, and the mutated ramblings of a Westerner who has been in Japan far too long. But have no fear, Pongi always comes in peace. Of special note is the editing and effects which are usually psychadelic, but rather well done. You never know what to expect from this show, but you'll never be able to claim it's normal. - Added on 17 Feb, 2006 /url - (2006-02-15)

Photo-Video Gallery of

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user notes

- qingfeng

movies and bits from Japan and Korea
- aljones15

pra começar mais uma segunda
- rafaspol

Melhor página do mundo! Só videos de programas de TV japoneses bizarros
- pilgerowski


Swedish Mass Media Photo

The above photo (taken last Spring in Tokyo with journalist Erik Bredhe) is now featured on the website of one of Sweden's largest news media conglomerates known as Svenska Dagbladet (2006-01-19). Photo by Jonatan Jarbel. Used by permission.

Totally Stupid (2006-01-07) Everyone loves a book with a catchy title. The self-help tome "How to Good-Bye Depression: If You Constrict Anus 100 Times Everyday. Malarkey? or Effective Way?"......

Barnhard Blog - (2006-01-05)

Written by Administrator

"He wears costumes, roams the streets of Japan showing us that even the Japanese know their culture is different. Really funny videos - fans of Japanese strangeness will love this site. Pongi has achieved international stardom as an alternative comedian with his idiosyncratic Japanese cultural observations."


● The below still frame outtake from the Christmas In Japan video was selected as "Featured Nomad Of The Week" on David (2006-01-03)

See more Worldwide Reviews from 2005

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